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Welcome to our world


Our set-up

Our mission

As well as operating a UK office to facilitate communications with our UK customers we also operate a Shanghai office.

Our experienced team are mostly bi-lingual and have many years of experience in international trade and the sourcing business.

The overriding goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers so they come back to us again and again.

Our trading mission is to provide customers with quality bulk purchasing  opportunities at the lowest possible price so they can maximise their profits.

The history behind TCNR

My name is Mark Roberts and to understand what we are about you need to know something about me and my Chinese wife, Leilei Chen.

I’m sure you have heard of the saying “A marriage made in Heaven”. Well the meeting of Leilei and I was exactly that for our business... but I am getting ahead of myself.

Mark's story

Without going into too much detail, I was as a 17 year old shipped out to South Africa where I survived financially (just) by working as a clerk in the day and joining with a South African boy of my age selling clothing and other personal items to the African domestic workers who serviced the high rise apartments in Johannesburg and who resided on the very flat roofs of these high rise blocks.

This tough experience put me in good stead for when I returned to the UK some years later, I joined an International Computer Company, qualified as an Accountant and spent four years in West Africa responsible for their operations in four Countries there.

On my return, my entrepreneurial urges drove me to leave my secure job and a few years later I and a partner were running a Sports Wholesale business and a chain of retail shops with a multi-million turnover. While operating this business we had numerous trips to the Far East sourcing product for our business.

Eventually we received an offer for our successful business which we could not refuse, and I found myself at a relatively young age, unemployed with some money in my pocket but an uncertain future.

Looking back, it must have been fate that I went on vacation with a friend to Shanghai as on the return flight I met my future wife. Within a few months of our meeting we were married, and a decision taken to make our future in China.

Leilei's story

Leilei grew up in Shanghai during difficult times. On leaving school she was fortunate to be sent to Japan to study at University and to learn Japanese.

After qualifying, she returned to Shanghai and was offered a position with a leading Japanese trading company, her role being to source product in China for the company’s Japanese clients.Speaking four languages, Leilei over many years prospered in this role and gained extensive experience of the Chinese market and negotiating deals with manufacturers and suppliers

.As already mentioned, on a trip to the UK to her UK London office, fate stepped in. Shortly after marrying Mark, Leilei resigned from her company.


UK Based But With China Team  
Easy And Fast Communication -  No Time Difference Or Language Problems ( English / Chinese Spoken)
Face To Face Meetings If Necessary
Equally Conversant With Going Ons In Both Countries That Unaddressed Could Negatively Impact Your Trading.
Network Of British / Chinese Agents And Export Specialist Built Up Over The Last 20 Years To Ensure:

- Quality Control    

- Security Of Payment  

- You Get What You Pay For    

- On Time Delivery

How things started

Mark and Leilei arrived in Shanghai in the year 2000 without any clear plans of what to do but were confident in their combined ability to make a success of whatever they decided to turn their hand to.

A confession straight away, while they proved a good team it was Leilei who was the driving force of the business from the outset and continues to be today. Mark’s role was always the interface with the customer, while Leilei was the main driver of the operation in China.

Nowadays, you are just as likely to talk with Tristan and Vanita, their children, who having grown up in the business and being bi-lingual have involved themselves in many of the day to day activities.

The first success of the business was an order to supply hospital clothing, scrub suits, patient gowns, and nightwear indirectly to the NHS via laundries. This became over many years a large part of our business and involved supplying many millions of these garments for use by the NHS. So successful was this, that eventually we set up our own manufactory to provide these items.Over the years many other opportunities arose, too many to recount them all. We sourced, for example, simple items like yoyos for promotional purposed, and conversely highly complex items such as specialised bipolar forceps used in delicate brain surgery.

We have supplied small and large customers in most parts of the World. School uniforms to New Zealand, textiles to the West Indies, aluminium cases to the UK, machinery parts to the USA, bedding to Australia etc.

Going forward

Our business has developed significantly over the years. I would lie if I did not say we have had both successes and failures, but the experiences gained from 20 years of involvement with trading and sourcing in China puts us in a very strong position to help both existing and our new customers with the challenges they face with doing business in China.

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