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Goods Import

Goods Import

Sourcing and Procurement in 2021 - Why China? Reasons to Source from China

Tristan Roberts, August 6 2021

Since 2009 China has been the biggest manufacturer of goods in the World, and the leading supplier of product to the global economy. Gone are the days when China had a reputation for poor quality. Today, there are very few technically complex products that China does not produce to a level of quality the equal of anything found elsewhere. How...

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Goods Import

When should you Import.

Tristan Roberts, October 29 2020

In many years of supporting UK businesses to import products from China, we have numerous times been faced with a potential new client who has questioned ‘ Why should I import when I can purchase these goods from my Wholesaler in the quantity I want when I want?’ Firstly, this is not really a question for your Sourcing Agent, as their role is only...

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