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01202 911290

You've got questions. We have answers.

Who are our customers?

We only deal with legitimate businesses.

Members of the public are not allowed to place orders with us.

Direct from factory orders

We only accept orders for bulk quantities (generally a 20’ or 40’ containers or a minimum of 10K spend) to ensure that we can offer the best prices possible.

Once ordered, the goods are sent direct from the factory in China to your selected destination.

Payment Term

Initially our terms are 30% with order, with the balance due when the goods have left the factory for the port.

Once a trading history has been established it will be possible to offer extended payment terms.


What are the benefits of using TCNR?

We have over 20 years of sourcing experience, our team is bi-lingual and we only work with suppliers that have a proven track record. For more of our benefits, check out our 'About us' page.

Can TCNR initially fund the order?

Yes, we can. We can cover the costs of the order until it has arrived in the UK. This service is credit-checked and will be subject to your current status.

Why have you not published prices?

At TCNR we want to provide you with the best possible cost, based on your individual needs, budget and circumstances. Therefore our pricing is tailored based on those factors - contact us if you'd like a no-obligation quote.

Can I get a refund?

Once you have accepted our quote in writing or verbally and have paid any deposit required, we then place your order with our manufacturer, often on the same day. Generally, at this stage we are unable to cancel the order and provide a refund because we have contracted with the manufacturer and paid them a deposit in order for them to commence production.

I'm with another supplier - can I switch?

That's fine too - if you let us know who your current supplier is then we'd be happy to switch you over to us. Keep in mind that all of our pricing remains the same, regardless if you have already spent money with your current supplier or not.

Can I trust TCNR?

We have an array of positive testimonials alongside great feedback from other sources across the internet. Simply put, we will work alongside you every single step of the way so that your trust is earned from day one.

Lead-times from placing order

Manufacturing lead-time is on average 4 weeks and shipping to the UK requires another 4 weeks, so 8 weeks in total.

Delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances, but these are fortunately rare and normally only delay a shipment by a few days. You will be kept fully informed of the ships progress and it’s estimated time of arrival.

You will be notified of the goods arrival at Port and a date and time of delivery will be agreed with you.