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Product development

From concept

For sourcing customers, we take you from concept stage, to ensure that your design and quality requirements are achieved as well as protecting your intellectual property rights.

Our aim is to make sure that when your products come off the production line they meet all the requirements you originally set for them to be a marketing success.


Our experienced team are mostly bi-lingual and have many years of experience in international trade and the sourcing business.

20+ years

We've had over twenty years of experience operating in China.


We only use manufacturers that we know to be genuine and have been “vetted”.

Purchasing security

Multiple currency options

We are able to buy products in both GBP or CNY which can lead to cheaper manufacturer prices, meaning saving for yourself.

With TCNR, all purchasing is completed and protected under contract and the price you pay includes all of our services including product development and specification, quality control, shipping and licensing.


UK Based But With China Team  
Easy And Fast Communication -  No Time Difference Or Language Problems ( English / Chinese Spoken)
Face To Face Meetings If Necessary
Equally Conversant With Going Ons In Both Countries That Unaddressed Could Negatively Impact Your Trading.
Network Of British / Chinese Agents And Export Specialist Built Up Over The Last 20 Years To Ensure:

- Quality Control    

- Security Of Payment  

- You Get What You Pay For    

- On Time Delivery

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