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Quality control

Wave goodbye to quality issues

Quality issues are, in a way, as certain as death and taxes. This is not unique to China, what is unique to China is  that you cannot return goods when they arrive in your own country.

For this reason, third party quality inspections are a crucial step in the process which cannot be skipped. All our quotes provide for necessary inspections to ensure that when the products are delivered to you, they meet your expectations.


Our experienced team are mostly bi-lingual and have many years of experience in international trade and the sourcing business.

20+ years

We've had over twenty years of experience operating in China.


We only use manufacturers that we know to be genuine and have been “vetted”.

Minimising risk

No corner cutting

At TCNR we do not take shortcuts or cut corners when it comes to quality assurance. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that your product meets your business and consumer needs.

Our bi-lingual team will lead manufacturers in the right direction to ensure that you get what was expected. TCNR are experts of quality assurance and will sign off all aspects of your product - from assembly to customer experience.

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