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Trusted trade with China for 20 years

Why our suppliers are key

We only use manufacturers that we know to be genuine and have been “vetted”. Many China manufacturers are not “real”. They often use the Internet to make themselves better than they are.

Even a visit may not disclose the reality that the manufacturer is fake or unsuitable unless you are experienced and know what to look for.

Why China? Why TCNR?

From every measurable standpoint, China stands out compare to North America and Europe. TCNR has the experience to provide you with great prices to enable you to undercut your competitors. We ensure top quality by using only our suppliers who have proven track records.

We can also help you develop your own brand label. Typically, they offer exclusivity; one way to separate yourself from competitors.

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Development of product

For sourcing customers, we take you from concept stage, to ensure that your design and quality requirements are achieved as well as protecting your intellectual property rights.

Our aim is to make sure that when your products come off the production line they meet all the requirements you originally set for them to be a marketing success.

Quality control

Quality issues are, in a way, as certain as death and taxes. This is not unique to China, what is unique to China is  that you cannot return goods when they arrive in your own country.

For this reason, third party quality inspections are a crucial step of the process which cannot be skipped. All our quotes provide for necessary inspections to ensure that when the products are delivered to you, they meet your expectations.

Shipping and logistics

We handle all aspects of the shipping process from factory to your door.

Our experience ensures on-time delivery, good service and appropriate information when required for our customers.


Many products need to be tested prior to export to ensure they meet all the safety and legal requirements of their intended market.

In China there are many reputable laboratories established to carry out these functions. We handle all this and our quote takes account of the costs involved.

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